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the international register of local actions


  • Store your project performance.

  • Report your activities and outcomes.

  • Learn from what others have done globally.

  • Model your own future projects and actions, and forecast outcomes.

  • Sustainability Actions - Infrastructure Projects - HR, Social and Community Initiatives.

The International Register of Local Actions - or ‘IRLA’ - is an Australian-led, global initiative to provide local government with access to a database and analysis tool of comparable actions, projects and strategies from local governments around the world. 

IRLA is currently in Pilot Program mode, and will launch to all Australian Councils in March 2019.


capture a range of actions

The IRLA system is designed to capture a range of information, metrics and outcomes achieved for projects, such as what was done, technology that was used, savings and other outcomes achieved, and contractors used and their effectiveness.

All types of Council projects and actions can be entered - environmental, community, engineering, infrastructure, economic development and other organisational and Council-managed community actions and projects. 


business intelligence to report, analyse and model

IRLA gives Councils access to a reporting tool to produce a range of reports on projects they’ve implemented and the associated quadruple bottom line (QBL) outcomes achieved.

This tool also allows Councils to carry out scenario modeling by drawing on the global data in the system to run QBL research, assessment, benchmarking and modeling of proposed projects. 

For example, Councils can enter proposed projects into the system and run analytics to model the financial, environmental and social outcomes that will be achieved, based on what’s been achieved from similar projects in other Councils.

Councils will also be able to run detailed searches and queries of Australian and global projects, such as a search and review of contractors that have been used to implement specific projects, and details of their performance, reputation, and the outcomes their project actually achieved.

All of this will assist Councils to better understand which project will deliver them the best returns, how best to implement the project, and which contractors and partners should be used – resulting in the development of more robust business cases to feed into the budgeting process.


a complete service - not just software

The IRLA initiative extends beyond the core tool to encompass a full suite of services that Councils can draw on to help it collect project data, analyse that data, calculate savings and other outcomes achieved, model future projects, and deliver training and performance updates to staff, elected members and the community.

These services include:

  • Data collection and entry by IRLA staff, on behalf of Council.

  • Performance measurement (i.e. calculating the outcomes achieved from projects, for entry into IRLA).

  • Performance verification

  • Presentations to staff, elected members and the community

  • Training


World leading cloud based tool

IRLA has partnered with software developer integrum Management Systems to build the software elements of the IRLA service. integrum have delivered world-class management software to leading organisations including Westfield, NSW Police, Sydney Trains, Jetstar, Coca-Cola and British Telecom.

 Each Council has full control over what is entered into the IRLA system, and who can access and view that data. Council can choose to remain completely anonymous to other Councils, and to restrict some or all of their project information from being viewed.

 Councils also have full download access to all data stored in the system. Council is able to access and extract system data 24/7 via export features in the business intelligence portal (in excel, word and PDF formats).

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